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New fabric for lace-up leggings and black and red Harley Quinn items

new fabric

There is a new fabric for lace-up leggings and matte red and black Harley Quinn items: athletic poly spandex, also called dri-tex.

When I first started making leggings over a decade ago I preferred to use cotton/spandex fabric since it was the softest and most comfortable 4-way stretch fabric that I could source. Since then the leggings fabric market has exploded with new options, and most leggings seem to be made out of some type of high-tech poly spandex blend.

Here are my opinions on leggings fabric, based on making my own leggings as well as buying them from lots of other brands:

  • Cotton spandex fabric is great if you are wearing the leggings for comfort (example, around the house) or if you are wearing them under shorts
  • Athletic poly/spandex fabric is best if you are wearing the leggings as pants

I know that most of my customers are wearing my lace-up leggings and Harley Quinn leggings as pants, so I decided that it was time for a change.

New fabric properties:

  • Slightly thicker than the cotton/spandex fabric
  • Shade of red is slightly darker than the cotton/spandex red
  • Dri-tex moisture management technology
  • 88% poly, 12% spandex (4-way stretch)
  • Brushed for a soft texture
  • Interlock weave (more stable than jersey)
  • Other details: 300 gsm, spf 50+

I wanted to replace the cotton/spandex fabric with one that looked and felt as close to cotton/spandex as possible but was thicker and more durable, and I am happy with what I found. 

Here is the full list of items that are now made with the new fabric:

I also sell blue and red leggings, shorts, and skirts and the matte items are still made out of cotton/spandex. If the new athletic spandex proves to be popular I will start stocking it in blue as well. I plan to eventually stop stocking blue and red cotton/spandex unless people request it. 

Coming soon in the new fabric:

  • Red and Black Micro mini skirts (September)
  • Red and Black Cropped Tank Tops (September)
  • Flared skirts with pockets (September)
  • Corset Hoodies (November or December)



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