About us

Deranged Designs is run by two sisters in Sacramento, California. Annie Rose started the business in 2005 and does all of the designing and sewing work. Jackie Rose helps with photography and listing new items. The business is located inside our home so we do not post our address online, but you may request it by emailing info@derangeddesigns.com


Do you have a physical store? Can I pick up my order?

We do not have a physical store and we do not allow order pickups at this time. The only place to buy Deranged Designs clothing is on this site or our Etsy and eBay stores.

How do you create your products?

Annie uses four different industrial sewing machines to create her designs: a Juki computerized lockstitch machine, two Juki overlock machines, and a Kansai coverstitch machine. She loves learning about sewing equipment and her dream work space would have at least twice as many machines.

How do you keep your prices so reasonable?

Over the years Annie has perfected various techniques for cutting and sewing efficiently. She uses a limited number of fabrics and trims to keep inventory costs low. Since her own labor is the most expensive part of the pricing equation, she is constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently without sacrificing quality.

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Annie sewing in 2012 (Updated photos are coming soon! Time flies when you run your own business)